Advanced Forex Trading Workshop

The Advanced course builds on the solid foundation from the Beginner & Intermediate courses and includes:

• Unlimited Live Trade Room Access
• Live Trade Calls
• Proprietary Technical Indicators
• Charts, Market Data, and Templates
• Exact instructions on how to ENTER, MANAGE, and EXIT each trade

In this course designed for those who require in-depth knowledge in Forex trading, you will:

• Learn advanced strategies to enable you have a Personalized Trading system
• Discover your own proven strategy for consistent profits in trading Forex
• Learn how to modify your Indicators with a personalized Trading plan
• Learn how Banks and Institutions Place Trades
• Learn the combination of Currency Index and Stock movement advantage
• Learn Demand and Supply Zones in the Global Market
• Learn the methodology of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis Rotations

Cost: $800

Training Sessions:

• Call our Training Centre for the next available date and time

• To attend this course, call our Training center for the next available date and time on +233265055229, +233307097940 REGISTER NOW